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Find The Purrfect Food For Your Cat

Good home. Good health. Good food.
Morris with tail sticking up

Dry Food Formulas Your Cat Will Love

Discover our variety of dry food products to support the nutritional needs and health of your cat.

Morris the cat looking down

Wet Food Recipes Your Cat Won’t Be Able to Resist

Explore wet food textures and flavors that even picky cats will enjoy. Just ask our charmingly choosy spokes-cat Morris!

Morris the 9Lives advo-cat

Meet Morris, The Shelter Cat Turned Advo-Cat

Hello, human. It’s true – I wasn’t always famous.

The Blog Made for Cat Pawrents

Browse our blog with cat owner resources and training tips, so you can give your cat the best life.

An orange cat looking up

How to Train a Cat with Clicker Training (Video)

See how fun and easy cat training can be.  
A Siamese cat and the White House

A History of Cats in the White House

Americans love kitties, including many U.S. Presidents. Check out our history of cats in the White House.
A kitten with a mouse toy

How to Make a Cat Feel Comfortable in a New Home

Keep these 7 tips in mind before bringing a new cat home from the shelter.
A man cuddling an orange cat on the couch

A History of Human and Cat Friendship

Cats have been our best friends for thousands of years. Find out how it all began.
Morris the Cat in front of a sink

Ask Morris: Keeping Your Cat Comfortable During a Party

Morris the 9Lives Cat shares tips on how to keep your feline happy during a party.
Ask Morris word bubble next to Morris and a girl reading with a cat

Ask Morris: What’s Your Back-to-School Routine?

What does Morris the Cat do all day with the kids back in school? Hint: it involves a lot of sleep.
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Morris the cat wearing a red collar

Cat Care and Nutrition Support

We’ve compiled commonly asked questions and answers about nutrition, health and beyond so your cat can live the good life.