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Help your cat live The Good Life® with our cat parent resources and training tips.

Dear Morris word bubble next to Morris and a cat being pet


Ask Morris: Why are Shelter Cats the Best Cats?

Morris the 9Lives® Cat explains why if you’re looking for a new cat, you can’t do better than a shelter cat.


An orange cat looking up

How to Train a Cat with Clicker Training (Video)

See how fun and easy cat training can be.  
A Siamese cat and the White House

A History of Cats in the White House

Americans love kitties, including many U.S. Presidents. Check out our history of cats in the White House.
A kitten with a mouse toy

How to Make a Cat Feel Comfortable in a New Home

Keep these 7 tips in mind before bringing a new cat home from the shelter.
A man cuddling an orange cat on the couch

A History of Human and Cat Friendship

Cats have been our best friends for thousands of years. Find out how it all began.
Morris the Cat in front of a sink

Ask Morris: Keeping Your Cat Comfortable During a Party

Morris the 9Lives Cat shares tips on how to keep your feline happy during a party.
Ask Morris word bubble next to Morris and a girl reading with a cat

Ask Morris: What’s Your Back-to-School Routine?

What does Morris the Cat do all day with the kids back in school? Hint: it involves a lot of sleep.