Morris the Cat lounging on a white sofa with blue and white striped pillows

About 9Lives® Cat Food

We believe all cats deserve to live the good life — with good food, good health and a good home.

The 9Lives brand has a long history of caring for cats. It started with food, but it actually goes way beyond that.

60+ Years of Cat Love

9Lives cat food first hit shelves in 1959, starting with wet cat food. In fact, it was the first wet cat food brand in the U.S. Over the years, the brand expanded into dry cat food! The product offering includes cat favorites like Meaty Paté Super Supper® Wet Food, 9Lives® Indoor Complete® Dry Food, Protein Plus® Dry Food and other wet and dry varieties that cats still enjoy today.

A Special Spokescat

In 1968, the 9Lives brand adopted Morris the Cat, a charmingly choosy shelter cat. He quickly became the face of the brand — happily eating 9Lives food and treats and refusing all others — and earning fame as a beloved advertising icon.

Even better, Morris has become an advo-cat for other shelter cats.

Supporting Every Cat’s Right to Prospurr

To this day, the 9Lives brand is all about helping give cats the good life. That includes not just good food but also good homes and good health.

Helping Cats Find Good Homes

No cat should be without a safe, comfortable home and a loving human. That’s why you’ll often see Morris and the 9Lives brand advocating for the adoption of rescue cats, working with shelters and donating time, money and/or food to help support the cause.

Providing Good Food

Life is so much better when you’re well fed. That’s true for cats, too. The tricky part is that cats have particular nutritional needs, but also particular tastes. So we work hard to provide nutritious and affordable cat food that cats actually love to eat.

Promoting Good Health

Nutrition is an important part of everyone’s health, including cats’. So we make sure all 9Lives cat food varieties are complete and balanced for adult cats to help them live well. We also offer different formulas to help with specific nutritional needs, plus tips and advice to help cat parents look out for their cat’s overall well-being.

While cat food may be what the 9Lives brand was first known for, we’re passionate about helping cats live better in all ways. Just like Morris politely refuses to eat any food that’s not 9Lives, we refuse to quit until every cat is enjoying the good life. And with such an endearingly uncompromising spokescat at the forefront, we’re better able to build awareness and help more rescue cats live the happy and healthy lives they deserve.