Ask Morris: Seven New Habits for a Successful New Year
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Ask Morris: Seven New Habits for a Successful New Year

Morris the 9Lives Cat dons his coaching hat to help you build new habits for a healthy and productive new year.

It's a new year—time to become a new you! I don't have any resolutions for myself this year. There's simply no room for improvement when you're already this fabulous. But that makes me the perfect authority to help you reach your own peak fabulousness. Just call me Coach Morris. 

1. Get 30 minutes of exercise a day. 

It's important to get up and get moving so you'll have the energy to provide your kitty with kibble and cuddles. Ten minutes of playtime after every meal should do it. That mouse on a string isn't going to dangle itself, you know. Who needs a gym when you've got a svelte and athletic cat for your personal trainer? 

2. Slip in new cleaning habits. 

It's so hard for you humans to find time to clean in the middle of your busy lives. You're always rushing to and fro, tripping over squeak toys someone left lying around. Here's a surefire tip for fitting domestic chores into your day: Add a cleaning chore to a task you already do regularly. For instance, every time you refill your cat's water, take an extra minute to rinse and wipe out the dish. No kitty likes a grungy water bowl. 

3. Practice calming techniques to reduce stress. 

One of the most calming activities for humans is petting a purring kitty who's curled up in your lap. It's incredibly relaxing. I mean, so relaxing zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz—ahem. See what I mean? It's impossible to stay stressed in the middle of all that petting and purring, so set a daily petting quota and stick with it. For your benefit, of course. 

4. Eat healthier by cooking meals at home. 

Everyone knows fast food's not good for you. Who knows what unwholesome ingredients might be lurking in some restaurant foods? You can be your best you by preparing simple meals at home using fresh, whole ingredients. Just look at me. I eat a healthy, delicious gourmet meal at home every day. I rest my case. 

5. Save money by spending family nights at home. 

You humans never seem to have enough money. Every time you leave the house you come back with less of it. So enjoy a fun-filled evening at home. Put on a movie, pop some popcorn and pile on the couch for a satisfying evening of entertainment that the whole family—pets included—can enjoy. Just think of all the money you'll save for emergencies, like running out for more 9Lives® cat food. Priorities, people! 

6. Get an accountability partner. 

Staying accountable is so important when it comes to building new habits. Who better to hold you accountable than your cat? You know those looks we kitties sometimes give that make it seem like we're judging you? Here's a little secret: We are. But it's for your own good. We just want you to be your best you. Like us. 

Remember--the key to building healthy new habits is to stick with them until… well, until they become a habit. So don't give up! You'll probably never be as perfect as I am, but don't let that discourage you from becoming a more incredible you this new year. 

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