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Ask Morris: How Do You Plan to Celebrate Halloween?

Morris the Cat ponders his pet costume options and how he’ll spend Halloween with his family.


Ask Morris word bubble next to Morris and a girl in a witch costume holding a cat

If it were up to me, Halloween would be just another day filled with napping between meal-times and curling up in my human’s lap at night. But the family tends to have other ideas. Last year, they dressed me as a T-Rex, and I must say it did make me feel fierce. This year, I’m dropping hints for a shark costume. Showing off my teeth. Arching my back like a fin. They’ll catch on. 

While Halloween may bring out my playful side, at the end of the day, I’m happy I don’t have to hunt down my food like a real shark. I’ll take a dish of 9Lives® Hearty Cuts With Real Beef & Chicken In Gravy over an exhausting pursuit any day. Talk about a delicious meal, and one I don’t even have to knock on doors to get! The kids can keep their Halloween candy. 

Speaking of candy, however, I admit, I do like watching the small humans in their costumes, holding out their bags for a treat. Imagine having to beg. Such amateurs. I monitor the humans as they hand out goodies to the trick-or-treaters who come to our house and keep watch to make sure none of the little ghouls on our doorstep turn out to be real monsters, if you know what I mean. But, if they do, the withering side-eye they’ll get from me will melt their candy. What a “trick” that would be! 

The best part of the evening is when our own little humans return from trick-or-treating. We all take off our costumes, the kids get into their pajamas, and we all settle on the living room rug, where they sort through their haul while watching a scary movie. Of course, I stay close—obviously to keep the kids from getting too scared — and maybe I’ll even bat around one of those shiny wrappers to lighten the mood. I stretch out beside them and purr myself to sleep while they take turns petting me with sticky, candy-coated hands. I’ll have to give myself an extra thorough bath after they go to bed, but I suppose sacrificing my coat to their holiday ritual is the charitable thing to do. 

Frankly, it’s all rather exhausting, but it’s only one day. When it’s over, I get back to my glorious nap schedule, and all is right with the world.