7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Cat

7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Cat

Think about these tips before bringing home a shelter cat.

Some would say a house is just not a home until a cat lives there. If you’re planning to bring home a kitty for the first time — or add to your purring pack — here are some things to consider. 

Think about his nine lives 

Any time you adopt a new pet, it’s good to take his potential life span into consideration. A healthy cat can live an average of 15 years, so make sure you can commit to at least that much time. 

Get your house up to scratch 

If you’re concerned about kitty wreaking havoc on your furniture, make sure he has other ways to file down his claws. Get a scratching post (or two) so he can get the job done without killing your couch. 

Set up a kitty corner 

Moving to a new place can be stressful for a cat because he has no sense of the territory. Designate one room as a special cat room, a place where he can retreat if he gets overwhelmed by his new surroundings. This room can be a laundry room, closet or bathroom, as long as it’s cozy. 

Aim high 

Cats have been hunters for generations, and part of that lineage means they feel most comfortable when they have a high-up place from which to survey the world. A cat tree is a great addition to a home because it’ll give your furry friend a place to perch and get the lay of the land. 

Embrace the climb 

Cats are climbers, and once they get used to their new home, every high surface is fair game. If you have fragile things on top of dressers or high cabinets, you may want to move them elsewhere so a curious kitty doesn’t knock them over on a climbing expedition. 

Screening process 

For cats, peering outside through a window can be like watching a riveting nature show on TV. Put screens on all your windows to make sure that show doesn’t get, um, 3-D. 

Stop and check the flowers 

Some plants can be harmful to cats if ingested. Clear your home of these plants before inviting a kitty to stay. 

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