Morris the cat laying down with balls of blue and orange yarn around him

Morris the Cat

From rescue cat to celebri-cat activist.

Hello, human. Morris the Cat here. You read that right — Morris the Cat himself. The 9Lives® humans asked me to write this. I like to help ‘em out, especially since they make the only food in the world that I like to eat.

You’re probably here because you have questions. What’s the story behind Morris the Cat? Where did he get his start? How did he get so handsome?

I can’t explain my irresistible looks, but I can tell you that I wasn’t always famous. Before my rise to stardom, I was a shelter cat.

Cat-apulted Into Fame

One day in 1968, an animal talent scout named Bob Martwick discovered me at the Humane Society in Hinsdale, IL. He had me audition to be the 9Lives spokescat, and naturally, I nailed it. I was so charming that the art director said, “He's the Clark Gable of cats." Suddenly, I had a loving home and a lifetime supply of delicious, nutritious 9Lives cat food.

I’ve been living the celebri-cat life ever since. (Check out the timeline below.) Before long, Morris the Cat became a household name. But that’s not what really satisfies me.

My True Purrpose

Despite my many accomplishments, my most important role is advo-cat for animals in need.

With help from the 9Lives team, I promote cat adoption and make it easy for humans to give cats a comfortable life with plenty of tasty and nutritious food.

I’ve visited countless schools and led large-scale campaigns for the cause, but my work is far from done. I won’t quit until every cat out there is living The Good Life.

It’s a big goal, but it’s worth it. Because every cat has a right to prospurr.

Follow Me

Being a celebri-cat and advo-cat keeps me pretty busy, but I love to stay in touch with fans like you. To check out what I’m up to, follow @morristhe9livescat on Instagram, and sign up for my newsletter for a monthly update.



A Star is Born

Morris the Cat is discovered and becomes the 9Lives® spokescat.



Making History

Morris stars in 58 commercials, creating one of the most successful advertising campaigns in TV history.



Movie Star

Morris stars in the movie Shamus with Burt Reynolds.



Presidential Feline

Morris runs for President.



Proud American

Morris' Salute to America's Pets.



Morris to the Rescue

Morris leads the Morris' Cat Rescue adoption campaign.



Friend Request

Morris joins Facebook.



Top Cat

Morris runs for President again.



Even Higher Profile

Morris joins Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr.



Purrfessional Achievements

The Museum of Broadcast Communications recognizes Morris as an Advertising Great, and Morris appears at SXSW as a feline tech correspondent.



Lending a Paw

To mark his 50th Adopt-i-versary, Morris helps out at CatCon, holding Meet and Greets and enlisting the 9Lives brand to sponsor Adoption Village.



Pawsitively Dedicated

Morris continues advo-cating to help all cats live the good life.

A message to our pet family about the coronavirus.

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