Ask Morris: What Are Your Resolutions?

Ask Morris: What Are Your Resolutions?

Morris the 9Lives Cat shares his New Year's resolutions -- and what he won't be changing this year. 

It's not easy to improve upon perfection, but like everyone else, this time of year I start thinking about what I can be doing even better. I'm willing to invest a little time into a more excellent me this year, because (let's be honest) the world deserves it. Here are my resolutions for an even better Morris in the new year: 

1. Get In (Even Better) Shape 

My human already feeds me 9Lives® cat food, so I know I'm on the right track here, but even my supermodel figure needs constant upkeep. My human got me 9Lives® Lean & Tasty cat food. I had my first serving of it today, and I can happily tell you it lives up to the "tasty" part of its name. 

Of course, eating lean is only half the battle. After napping through most of the holiday chaos, I'm feeling the urge to get up and move a bit. I got some catnip in my holiday stocking, which is giving me some extra pep that I burn off by running up and down the stairs as fast as I can. After cardio, a nap, of course. 

2. Meditate 

Cats are naturally good at meditation. You've seen us eye birds — we're so still, they don't even know we're there. I'll spend this year honing my already exceptional ability to look inward, and this year I won't fall zzzzzzzzzzzzz... Oh. Apologies, I got a little too Zen there for a moment. Besides staying awake, the second biggest meditation challenge, of course, will be to keep myself from contemplating the deep mysteries of what's for dinner. 

3. Spend More Time with Family and Friends 

Really, it's the least I could do. 

4. Be More Me 

Like I said, I'm already pretty much perfect, but you know me — I can't get enough And neither can my humans. So I'm just going to focus on sharpening my wealth of skills and letting the world enjoy more of my special gifts. You're all very welcome. 

But don't worry. Even with all of these new ambitions, there will still be enough room in my schedule for napping and eating. Some changes might be good, but priorities are priorities. 

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